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An intelligent, dynamic and intuitive smart application
that assists smokers who want to successfully quit.

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Our Big Idea

​KwitCase™ 2.0 is ​a science based Internet of Things (IoT) smart application​ that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Gamification to help smokers beat their habit.

Habit Tracking

KwitCase™ 2.0 monitors and identifies your routines, experiments with rewards to determine your goal, and isolates the cue by keeping a log of location, time, emotional state, preceding and following actions to smoke.

Big Data & Intuitive AI

Our proprietary KwitCase™ 2.0 algorithm has been developed by our big data scientists and tested in real environments with remarkable success. The more the algorithm ingests, the smarter it gets, the better the outcome for the quitter.

Tailored Program

KwitCase™ 2.0 designs programs using Machine Learning and Neural Gamification unique to each user. The application delivers a scientifically created and proven plan to enable the smoker to quit successfully.

Our Mission

We all know smoking is bad for your health and those around you. ​KwitCase™ 2.0 provides smokers with leading-edge science and technology to enable them to quit the habit. Get inspired. Watch our video. Join us in our mission to get 1 Million quits in 2017.

We Measure What Matters

Learn more about the design of KwitCase™ 2.0

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    Nano Spider GPS

    The Nano Spider (ORG4400®) is a fully-integrated, highly-sensitive GPS module, designed to support ultra-compact applications like KwitCase™ 2.0. This GPS is a miniature receiver that continuously tracks all movements via satellites, providing realtime positioning data.

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    Light-emitting diode (LED)

    There is a tricolor LED indicator that lets the user know wether they are correctly following the tailored quitting program and guides them through the journey.

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    Electromagnetic lock

    The high precision lock opens and closes according to the instructions delivered by the predictive artificial intelligence (AI). In case of weakness, the user is able to override the system.

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    Solid Carbon Body

    The case is made from lightweight, high performance, carbon fiber with the following characteristics:
    + High specific stiffness and strength.
    + Extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion.
    + X-ray transparent.
    + Waterproof.
    + Airport scanner and security approved.

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    Digital Humidity and Temperature Sensor

    The Maxim IC DS18B201-Wire Digital® temperature sensor reports parameters from both the body and the environment with 9 to 12-bit precision.

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    Pulse Oximeter

    A pulse oximeter is a non-invasive device for monitoring the user’s blood oxygen saturation. This measurement is expressed as a percentage. As well, the PO sensor detects changes in blood volume below the skin.

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    Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensors

    Our PIR sensors are electronic sensors that measure infra-red (IR) light radiating from objects in their field of view. PIR sensors work by using a specific light sensor that detects a particular light wavelength in the IR spectrum. These sensors are used to identify in realtime the amount of cigarettes in the case.

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    AMS® Heart Rate (HR) Sensor

    This sensor measures HR by emitting a powerful yet harmless LED light onto the skin surface of the user’s finger. It detects the contraction and expansion of blood vessels and also analyses the scattered reflections, a phenomenon known as photoplethysmography (PPG).


Color Palette

Technical and Product Specs

Carbon Case

Three Colors

Electromagnetic Lock

Automated smart lock that opens and closes according the smokers quitting plan.

Environmental Sensors

Measuring temperature and humidity, air velocity, geolocation, differential pressure, O2, Co2 and N2 concentrations

Neural Gamification

Entertaining, competitive, social and educational cognitive games proven* to distract the smoker and postpone the craving


Qualcomm Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7


Panasonic CR2032 lithium coin battery

Amazon Echo®

Voice virtual assistant using Amazon Echo’s API, enabling users to engage in dynamic conversations


Maya©, intelligent coach that supports the smokers and provides them with realtime resources to help them cope with the quitting process

Cutting-Edge Technology

Software deploying Machine Learning, Predictive Analysis, Gamification, proprietary algorithms.


Meet Maya©, Your Intelligent Realtime Conversational Agent

From the moment you activate KwitCase™ 2.0, our AI robot Maya© will be there to engage and assist you through your quest via intelligent dialogue. Ask Maya© anything and get personalized support, anywhere and anytime.

Help spread healthy habits

Every five seconds, somebody in the world dies, direclty or indireclty, from cigarette smoke. We can all make a difference. Join the ​KwitCase™ 2.0 movement, sign up today and find out how you can help yourself, a loved one or a friend, kick the habit. Our campaign will be live March 21, 2017 on IndieGogo. Please back us.

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